Applying a Workable Multifamily Traffic Apartment Marketing Plan

The Multifamily Traffic Apartment Marketing Plan is basically involved with applying the time-tested principles, methods, procedures and technologies of apartment marketing for the property owner for the purpose of attaining 100% occupancy in a short period and time and with least cost.

Multifamily Traffic’s profound expertise in apartment marketing combined with its dedicated team of analysts and professionals have made possible the successful signing of many lease agreements over the years.

Multifamily Traffic has the most number of years experience in developing workable apartment marketing plans for apartment communities that can result in great rankings since it has perfected its strategies on its own portfolios for years before the company was formed.

Essentially, the Multifamily Traffic Apartment Marketing Plan consists of the following plan components:

1. The Title of the Marketing Plan, which is made for the apartment community.

2. Executive Summary – which shall be written after the plan has been made.

3. The Challenge, a brief description of product to be marketed, in your case the apartment community, and associated goals, such as sales figures and strategic goals. The questions are answered like: What types of apartments are being leased? Where are these located? What are the amenities? How much is the monthly rental?

4. Situation Analysis – this includes Company Analysis, Customer Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Collaborators, Environmental Climate and SWOT Analysis. Under Company Analysis would include the Goals, Focus, Culture, Strengths, Weaknesses and Market Share. The Goals of course would be to let your property or apartment get found online by interested property seekers and, or renters and later, to get your vacant units leased.

5. Market Segmentation – Description of the segments, percent of sales, what do the renter want, how to reach them. Segmentation can be according to geographic location, or income level, or apartment preferences.

6. Alternative Marketing Strategies – like Apartment SEO, Online Marketing and Outreach Marketing. Describe how an Outreach marketing would be conducted, and what results are expected.

7. Selected Marketing Strategy which includes: Product, Price, Distribution, Promotion. Under this would fall the Organic Apartment SEO, Pay Per Click system and Hybrid-Organic SEO+PPC for dual advantage to be managed by our professional team.

8. Short and Long-Term Projections: What would be your sales forecast for a 2-year period? What would be your sales forecast for a 5-year period?

9. Conclusion: A description of the major findings of the data gathering and the final statements.

10. Appendixes or Annexes: This includes documents pertinent to the plan and the survey to be attached.

The Multifamily Traffic Apartment Marketing Plan is then edited, finalized and printed and submitted to the apartment owner as client. If all the arrangements have been made by the apartment owner with Multifamily Traffic, the plan is then implemented.You can read blog :